Size Guides

Great care has been taken in making each sizing guide as accurate as possible and relevant to each brand. Sizing guides are not an exact science as individual body shapes differ greatly, so its worth taking a bit of time reviewing the relevant product size guide to make sure you are purchasing the correct size.

It’s also worth noting any sizing tips in the products description , e.g. the Head LiquidPower swimwear range should be purchased one size smaller than you would normally buy (Please note this is just an example and may not be true to that swimwear brand/range).

We recommend reading product reviews left by fellow customers for further advice on sizing. And don’t forget, if you leave a product review you’ll earn additional SwimSave Points!

As always if you are unsure and would like further help and advice, then get in touch! Our Customer Service Team is always on hand to assist you in making the correct purchase.

Sizing Guides are found by clicking the ‘Sizing’ tab in the product pages