Goggle Guide

Goggles are an important part of any swimmers kit! Whether you’re learning to swim, training for a competition or a world class triathlete, you need the right goggles for you. Our guide is here to help you determine which features and benefits are relevant to your individual requirements.

Here at theSwimmingShop we select only the best products available and to help you we have also highlighted some that we strongly recommend based on our experience and customer feedback.

Goggle Lens and Frame Features

Anti-Fog Lens

Untreated goggles tend to easily mist up when used in the water. With a factory applied Anti-Fog treatment on the inside surface of the lenses this can be avoided without the need to use an anti-fog spray yourself. This means less hassle and less chance of your goggles fogging up while you in the water. Apart from basic models, many goggles now come with Anti-Fog protection as standard.

Note about care of anti-fog coatings: You must avoid touching, rubbing or wiping the inside of the lens as this can very quickly break up or destroy the anti-fog coating on the lenses which cannot be repaired or replaced

UV Protection

UV (Ultraviolet) rays are an invisible form of radiation from the sun and can be extremely damaging to eyes. This damage can build up over time and you generally don’t feel UV rays and the harm they are causing. Even in cloudy, overcast conditions UV rays can still be extremely harmful. As with Anti-Fog protection, most goggles now come with some level of UV protection, with many offering a complete UV shield for UVA and UVB light. If you are swimming outdoors then make sure you check what features the goggles you wish to purchase have the level of UV protection you desire

Curved Lens

Some goggles have been designed with special Curved lenses which aim to provide a distortion-free 180-degree range of vision. This is ideal for competition swimming in either a pool or open water and also simply when swimming in a busy pool

Quick/Easy Adjust Strap

This feature allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the goggles to fit to his or her head size and shape, improving comfort and convenience. This is a great feature for those in competition situations but everyone can benefit – even simply getting a child ready for the water with less fuss meaning more time in the pool

Adjustable Nose Bridge

The right goggles should be determined according to your face shape. As not all goggles come in different frame sizes, adjustable nose bridges help to ensure the goggle fits your face perfectly. Many goggle ranges come with 2 to 4 different nose bridges and the bridges are easy to change

Lens Colours Explained

Goggles come in a variety of lens colours as well as styles. Use this part of the guide to give you an idea of which lens colours will work best for your swimming needs.


Clear lenses offer a like for like vision which prevents colours from becoming distorted. They provide you with a natural light to your eyes making them ideal for low light or overcast, dark conditions. theSwimmingShop recommends clear (or lightly tinted eg smoke) lenses for indoor swimming


Mirrored lenses help to reduce glare in very bright conditions by reflecting light away from the eyes. They are also a popular option for competitive swimmers as their opponents cannot see their eyes! theSwimmingShop recommends mirrored lenses for use in indoor or outdoor swimming and all forms of competitive swimming


Smoke lenses are great for swimmers who regularly swim in very bright light conditions and offer a similar feel as sunglasses. They also help to enhance contrasts without distorting real colours. theSwimmingShop recommends for outdoor use and particularly in sunny conditions but most smoked lenses are sufficiently clear to also allow use indoors


Amber lenses are a great all-rounder option for use in changing light conditions, offering clearer vision in the water. In low light conditions the amber lens helps to make vision clearer and crisper then reduces glare in brighter conditions. theSwimmingShop recommends for swimming indoor and out, in all light conditions

BLUE AND VIOLET (Pink/Purple) Lens

Blue and violet lenses offer a protection from potential glare in low to moderate light conditions. They are also a fun option for children while still offering protection. theSwimmingShop recommends for use low to moderate light conditions in/outdoors and for children

If you find a goggle style you really like but we don't stock it in your desired lens colour, please let us know by filling out a contact form and we'll let you know if we can source this for you or suggest an alternative!


Goggle Shape, Size and Fitting

Swimming goggles come in many shapes and sizes that offer the user varied benefits. Smaller, more streamlined designs are ideal for competition use but are generally not as comfortable. For leisure users a larger goggle lens with softer gaskets offers added comfort.


Some brands, such as Arena, offer two sized fits of adult frames (small & regular) allowing for a better fit for various face shapes. Whilst some brands, such as Aqua Sphere, also offer a frame specially made for ladies, so it’s worth exploring all the options available to find the best fit for you

Classic Swimming Goggle Shape

The classic swimming goggle is formed from an optical lens with one of two types of Gasket (Silicone & Foam) seal to the eye socket. Silicone gaskets are now primarily used and it’s rare to find foam gaskets nowadays. Gaskets are generally round and oval shaped, with the latter being most popular as it fits more securely to the natural shape of the eye

Swedish Swimming Goggle

Swedish swimming goggles are newer to the market place but are proving more and more popular with competitive swimmers. The goggle sits right on the eye socket, therefore reducing drag and enhancing the feeling of freedom in the water. It is generally not as comfortable as a classic gasket sealed goggle

Swim Masks

Swim mask are generally a popular option with children; they come in bright colours, with varied lens colours, offering a comfortable fit and easy to adjust. They are sized bigger than a traditional swimming goggle but smaller than a snorkel/diving mask. Swim masks are a great option for comfort as the mask sits around the eyes and offer a greater range of vision than a traditional goggle

Goggle Care

It’s important to make sure you take as much care as possible with your goggles to preserve their life and to maintain performance

For extended protection we recommend:

  • Avoid touching, rubbing or wiping the inside of the lens as this can quickly break up or destroy the anti-fog coating on the lenses which cannot be replaced
  • Always keep lenses clean
  • Gently rinse goggles with fresh water after every use
  • Do not put wet goggles in closed containers
  • Allow goggles to dry naturally
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight to avoid colour fading
  • Consider a goggle pouch for added protection against scratching

  • Goggle maintenance is not an exact science but by following our hints and tips above you’ll go a long way to prolonging the life of your goggles!